Meet the Creator

Hi there and welcome!
My name is Jessie and I am the creator/owner of Sand Dune Memories. I grew up on the south-shore of Suffolk County, Long Island, NY, where I've spent the majority of my years, seasons-round, across several beaches of Fire Island. With family and close friends, we spent unmeasurable time beachcombing, swimming, absorbing the natural vitamins of both the sea and the sun, playing in the break, digging for clams with our feet, spending consecutive summers at 4 Sea Jay. My memories are endless. Recently having moved to the mountains, (the Upstate of SC), the longing for the salt air intensified. I found my memories were all that I had. After a short, but very well needed, vacation down to the coast of Charleston & Mt. Pleasant, I found myself at home again. In the midst of refueling, my partner and I saw the biggest Sand Dollar I've ever seen, saved a Star Fish and collected beautiful sea glass, driftwood and sea shells. What started as a small "what are we going to do with these?" DIY project, I never would have guessed sharing my love for the beach, and our oceans treasures would grow into what SDM has become today. SDM is a special place to preserve your memories to last a lifetime, in the most organic way possible. I am able to connect with beach-minded people who have their own memories, and sea shell collections that tell a infinite amount of stories. From requested designs to innovative freedom, SDM has carved a path that is extremely fulfilling.
Myself and my mermaids strive to shell ethically, no small (or large) sea creatures are harmed when shelling and any un-used shells are given back to the ocean.
SDM will hold monthly initiatives where a percentage of each sale will be donated to a local fundraiser. You can find more information regarding the monthly initiative on our Home Page.
I look forward to hearing from you and am honored to work on preserving your memories. 
See you in the dunes,
- Jessie